Were Birth Complications due to Bad Triage?


Triage is the sad art and science in deciding which medical cases are more serious than others. Hospitals have to make triage decisions all the time, and sometimes they make the wrong ones. This can lead to malpractice suits.

In a suit filed in West Virginia, a mother and child are suing a hospital for negligence. She originally went to the hospital for vaginal bleeding. She was 24 weeks pregnant. A nurse and a midwife examined her and she was given anti-contraction medication before being discharged.

But the pain started increasing. Two other examinations saw that problems appeared to be increasing, but not enough for full admission to the hospital. A week after her first visit, she was finally admitted and given a c-section. The child was born with serious cerebral palsy.

The suit claims that the hospital should have admitted her earlier and that she should have seen a physician due to her high-risk situation. It also claims that the nurse and midwife should have properly advocated for her to stay at the hospital.

We all want our children to be safe, unborn or not, and it is all too easy for a OB/GYN error to cause a complication. If you have experienced problems during or after your pregnancy and you believe they were caused by your medical care, seek help. Contact Bottar Law for a free consultation about your case. We have been helping people with medical malpractice claims for years.

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