VA Whistleblower Expresses Disappointment in Progress


Dr. Katherine Mitchell, the physician who famously blew the whistle on the shameful treatment of Veterans at the Phoenix Veteran’s Administration hospital expressed her disappointment at the lack of progress in improving the situation. Mitchell also said that she would advise new physicians who wanted to join the VA to avoid it.

Dr. Mitchell expressed her views before congress and said that the Veteran’s Administration did not protect her confidentiality as a whistleblower. This lack of protection led to her being reassigned to a different department and subjected her to retaliation by fellow employees.

Charges of malpractice and reports of secret waiting lists have not been addressed according to Mitchell. When the scandal broke a little over a year ago, it launched a nationwide investigation of VA facilities and procedures and led to several hearings before congress in order to address the issues that Mitchell alleged.

Because Dr. Mitchell saw the abysmal treatment of our men and women in uniform, she saw fit to blow the whistle on those that were using the system in order to commit healthcare fraud. Our soldiers deserve to be given respect and the best care possible for their service to our Country.

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