UCLA Medical Center Accused of Malpractice


UCLA_Reagan_Medical_CenterRussel Farnsworth was fired from his job for using too many sick days. Every morning, when he could, he went to work with a pounding headache. He worked through the pain while sitting at his desk, only to stand and feel as though he had pinched nerves in his back.

According to Farnsworth, he began to struggle with the intense back pains after he had surgery at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in 2009. His complaints fell on deaf ears at UCLA. The hospital claimed he had received appropriate care.

Farnsworth says that he came down with an infection after the surgery, and began to experience headaches and back pain. Two years post-surgery, he discovered that the doctor had not placed a spacer in his back during surgery. It took Farnsworth five years to receive medical records from the hospital. The hospital declined to explain to the man why his records were delayed.

It took several years for Farnsworth to build up the courage to undergo a second surgery at a different hospital. He has since recovered and is working tirelessly to get what is fair: compensation for his medical expenses. For now, Farnsworth is spending his time in a one-man protest outside of the UCLA medical center, hoping to inform patients of his experience within the hospital’s walls.

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