Two Lawsuits Filed Against Texas Hospital in One Week

by Waco, Texas hospital, Baylor Scott & White Health, was hit with two separate medical malpractice lawsuits earlier this month, filed just days apart.

In the first lawsuit filed, Randall and Sandra Clark, of Duck River, Tennessee, claims that Randall Clark entered the hospital in December 2013. His intent was to have a hiatal hernia and gastroesophageal reflux disease repaired. The scheduled surgery, a laparotomy, was exploratory in nature.

During the operation, doctors noted a large amount of bleeding from an artery. That bleeding was brought under control and the operation was begun. Sponges and pads were used to control the bleeding, and doctors noticed that all sponges were not accounted for after surgery. A radiograph did not locate the missing sponge inside Clark.

Later, Clark began experiencing symptoms of respiratory distress. A second surgery was performed and two laparaotomy pads were located in Clark’s stomach.

In the second lawsuit, William Bailey’s attorney alleges that his client went to the hospital for a urological scope procedure in March 2014. Bailey became nauseous and light-headed and alerted nurses. He was taken to the restroom and left there on his own. He blacked out, fell, and struck his head.

Bailey was transported to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury. He was later diagnosed with a herniated disc for which he required surgery. Bailey continues to suffer with memory issues and pain, and he has been unable to return to work.

The suit claims that staff at the hospital was negligent for allowing Bailey to fall.

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