Trial Begins in Medical Malpractice Case in Wisconsin


A jury trial began last week in a case that involves allegations of negligence against St. Clare Hospital & Health Services, in Wisonsin, and Dr. Andrew Nelson.

According to court documents, 19-moth-old Caleb Gawronski began to have seizures in his Baraboo home on September 8, 2012. His mother put him in the car and took him to St. Clare Hospital for treatment.

Dr. Nelson was in court last week answering to why he was unable to provide air to the boy who wasn’t breathing. Nelson claimed that there were other procedures that needed to happen first. Plaintiffs suggested that the doctor failed to lock a valve on a piece of medical equipment that would have increased the air getting into the toddler’s lungs.

Another doctor stepped in and locked the valve, increasing pressure and air flow in Caleb’s lungs.

The plaintiffs say that Nelson and, in turn, the hospital was negligent in the care it provided for the child. Caleb has ongoing medical needs as a result of his encounter with the doctor.

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