Statute of Limitations in New York Being Discussed


doctor-563429_960_720The Albany legislative session has very few days left but in those days, medical malpractice is sure to be a hot topic. The people of New York may be given more time to sue doctors for medical malpractice.

Lavern’s Law, as it is called, is being discussed by legislators. It is named after Lavern Wilkinson, a woman who died after being misdiagnosed in 2012. The fate of the law is in the balance as lawmakers are getting ready to put a halt to the current session.

Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein (D-Brooklyn) explained that the law would give citizens more time to sue for medical malpractice. More people would be allowed their day in court. It is a simple change, Weinstein explained. Instead of the 15-month statute beginning from the time of the error, time would start ticking when the mistake was discovered.

Doctors say that unless the bill is coupled with tort law, it could have a drastic impact on malpractice insurance rates. In New York, the rates are already among the highest in the country. Doctors would like to see lawmakers wait to make a decision until the bill is coupled with other reform laws. Governor Cuomo, however, has not committed one way or the other.

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