Spinal Cord Case Leads to $9.1 Million Award


A former mechanic has been awarded $9.1 million in a jury trial. It was a malpractice suit against his anesthesiologists after he suffered spinal cord damage and paralysis following a 2012 surgery.

Court documents allege that Joseph Lakoskey an anesthesiologist left him dangerously dehydrated before his surgery that was performed at North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale in order to repair a perforated bowel.

Lakoskey went to the hospital with flu-like symptoms and received fluids for dehydration. When doctors discovered his injury, they recommended immediate surgery. Lakoskey’s treatment for dehydration was suspended while he was prepped for surgery and anesthesia was begun. This caused his blood pressure to drop and his spinal cord to get blood flow that caused damage and paralysis.

Attorneys for Anesthesiology P.A., the plaintiffs in the case, denied that it was the cause Lakoskey’s injury.

After the jury reached its verdict, Lakoskey said he hopes to use money from the lawsuit to resume the intensive therapy he needs and his insurance no longer covers and to replace his broken wheelchair.

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