Signs of Cerebral Palsy in Your Infant


260912724_5a9cfe4a33_o_dEvery expectant parent hopes to have a healthy baby. Wondering if your baby has cerebral palsy is not something that any new parent wants to do. Unfortunately for thousands of parents each year, this is exactly what happens. Typically caused by a lack of oxygen during the birthing process, cerebral palsy is a lifelong illness that causes mobility and cognitive issues. Here are signs that your child may be dealing with CP.

Lack of Muscle Coordination

When your baby is moving its arms, legs and head on his or her own, you may notice that they appear to lack coordination. Your baby may reach for things and fall short. He or she may try to walk and be unable to do so correctly. Ataxia can be a sign of CP and your doctor should be alerted.

Odd Gait

When your child does walk, they may walk on their toes. He or she may walk in a crouched position seeming to be trying to keep their balance. Most people have seen a baby learning how to walk make exaggerated or careful movements. The gate of a person with CP is much different than this.

Delays in Motor Skills

Every parent waits for their baby to reach and grasp, hold up their head and take their first steps. These are major milestones in a baby’s life and exciting events for parents. If your child is not reaching milestones in a typical manner, CP may be the cause.


Some babies do not experience ataxia, but the opposite. They have obvious stiffness in muscles and exaggerated reflexes. These children seem to always be bracing for something even though they are not. If you notice that your child has stiff muscles, consult your pediatrician.

These are just a few of the signs of cerebral palsy, but each should be brought to the attention of your child’s doctor. While CP is not curable, it is manageable with early and personalized therapies.

If you believe that your child was injured at birth and is now living with CP, call our offices. A member of our team will review your child’s case at no cost to you and advise you how to proceed. Call now.

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