Severely Disabled Child at Heart of Malpractice Case


7029695345_4091a5eeb1_mAllegations of several counts of medical malpractice are being made by the mother of a severely disabled child against a treatment facility that required her son to be rushed to the emergency room.

According to court documents, Sarah Washington has filed a lawsuit both as an individual and on behalf of her son who is currently a minor against Dr. Cassandara D. Youmans, M.D., Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans and Padua House. Washington brought the lawsuit before in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on May 29th.

Washington’s son , who suffers from Cri-du-chat syndrome and cannot see, walk, or talk, was a resident of Padua House for approximately six years. Washington alleges that her son was doing very well at the home prior to a new administration taking over in October 2012.

Williams said that after the changes in the facility’s administration, her son’s health and well-being began to decline because of receiving substandard care and/or gross neglect by the defendants.

The plaintiff is seeking an unspecified amount in damages for her son’s physical and mental pain and suffering as well as all related medical expenses, and for her own suffering.

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