Pharmacy Gives Wrong Medication to Patient


shutterstock_546542494-300x206A man in Portsmouth, Virginia is alleging that he was given the wrong medication by a pharmacist at Walgreens. As a result, the man did not get better and may have, in fact, gotten worse.

According to Travis Wysong, he went to Walgreens in Portsmouth to pick up two prescriptions. Because of the pain he was experiencing due to a fractured neck, he took two pills as soon as he got into his car. The information on the outside of the bag matched the written prescriptions he was given.

After taking the medication, Wysong began to feel sweaty and “clammy.” He looked at the bottles of medication and discovered they were for someone else. There was a different name and different labels on the bottles than were on the outside of his bag. Wysong returned to Walgreens immediately, frightened that he was having a reaction. His medications were exchanged and he was told to go to the emergency room if his symptoms worsened.

Walgreens released a statement that said, in part: “Cases like this are rare and we take them very seriously. In the event there is an error with a prescription, our first concern is for the patient’s well-being. We’re sorry this occurred and have apologized to the patient.” Walgreens went on to say that they are investigating the incident to find out what went wrong and urged patients to check their medications before taking them.

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