Pennsylvania Hospital Not Liable in Teen’s Death


UCLA's_Kevin_Love_on_the_perimeter_at_Pac_10_Championship_game_against_Stanford_at_Staples_Center,_Los_Angeles,_2008It took a jury in Northampton County, Pennsylvania just an hour and a half to decide that a hospital was not guilty in the death of a 15-year-old basketball player.

After a civil trial lasting tow weeks, members of the jury found that Dr. Chirang Gupta, a hospital physician, was not negligent in the care he gave to Lewis Ogioba.

According to reports, Wilson went to the hospital complaining of shortness of breath and weakness. He was treated for asthma and released. He died just hours later at home. The boy’s family sued the hospital and the doctor, saying that, had their son been diagnosed and treated properly, his death could have been prevented.

Attorneys for the defense say that all involved acted in accordance with the accepted standard of care. The child was treated for an asthma attack because he had asthma. There was no indication that he was suffering with an underlying heart condition.

The boy’s family was left speechless as they left the courtroom. An autopsy had concluded that the boy suffered with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a thickening of the heart walls and the cause of his sudden cardiac arrest. The jury found that Gupta’s actions, including his diagnosis and treatment of the child, was proper.

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