Ohio Family Awarded Millions in Birth Injury Case


shutterstock_523810459-300x200A jury in Pennsylvania recently ordered that a hospital and their gynecologist pay $14.5 in damages to an Ohio family. Clearfield Hospital, along with one of its doctors, were accused of errors that led to a child being diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs accused the defendant of properly managing the delivery of their child in 2012. They say that the mother was given Pitocin in amounts that were excessive, despite the fact that the child’s heart rate dropped. The drug is known to stimulate contractions in women, but it can also cause complications.

Rather than cease use of the drug, the plaintiffs alleged that the doctor continued administering the medication during the delivery process. The doctor also failed to perform an assisted delivery, allowing the baby to remain in the crowning position for ten minutes before finally performing an episiotomy and delivering the child.

As a result of the medical mistakes, the child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The child ill need round-the-clock medical care. After four hours of deliberation, the jury determined that the doctor was 60 percent at fault and the hospital was 40 percent at fault. The award will be used to pay for the child’s care and to equip the home with machines and devices necessary for the child.

The birth of a baby should be exciting and joyful. If your delivery resulted in injury to your newborn because of a doctor’s error or negligence, reach out to our team of attorneys in New York. We will review the details of your child’s injuries and advise you of your legal options. You may be legally entitled to damages that will pay for past, current and future medical bills associated with your child’s injuries. Call today to schedule your free case evaluation.

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