Nina Pham Settles Lawsuit


Many people unfortunately know Nina Pham by the name given to her by the media: Ebola Nurse. It was two years ago that Pham contracted Ebola at the hospital she worked for after treating Thomas Eric Duncan. The patient had contracted Ebola in Liberia.

Pham wore a shield, gloves, mask and gown while treating Duncan, but it wasn’t enough. Just two days after Duncan died, Pham was diagnosed with the disease. She continued to interact with family and friends because her employer had told her that she was at no risk for contracting the disease from Duncan. They turned out to be wrong and Pham sued.

Pham filed the lawsuit, alleging that the hospital was responsible for her contraction of the disease because they failed to provide her with proper warnings and safety gear. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention backed Pham’s opinion.

Following her diagnosis, Pham said the hospital violated her privacy in an attempt to solicit sympathy for the hospital. Pham says that it will be difficult for her to find work as a nurse again due to the stigma surrounding her high-profile contraction of the disease. She has also said that she does not know if she can return to critical care due to the mental trauma she suffered.

The details of the settlement between Pham and Texas Health Resources are confidential.

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