Nerve Injury Claim Results in $2 Million Verdict


It is not unusual for women to elect to have labor induced in order to give birth to their child. This is what occurred in the case of Lajide Lawoyin, a woman in Illinois in 2006. She entered St. Anthony Hospital in December of that year for the elective induction of her labor. Her child was ultimately injured during the birthing process. A jury sided with the plaintiff and awarded $2 million to the parents.

According to reports, vacuum suction was used to assist in the delivery, but Dr. Ayoade Akere physically pulled the child’s shoulders from the birth canal. As a result of aggressive pulling, the infant was born with what her parents described as a “floppy arm.” Akere did not immediately notify the parents of the injury. They were not, in fact, told of the girl’s injury until discharge from the hospital.

In the 10 years following her birth, the child has improved, but her condition remains a permanent one. The child suffers with range-of-motion limitations. An attorney for the family said that the child can not lift her arm above her head, or reach down her back.

Akere defended himself by saying that it was contractions which caused the child’s injuries, not his pulling of her arms through the birth canal. The doctor also said that there was no evidence of a shoulder injury upon birth. Despite what the doctor contended, a jury felt that there was enough evidence to find him liable for the injuries to the child.

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