Negligent Hospital Loses Malpractice Case


images (22)Doctors go through a complicated process to gain the practical skills they need to become full-fledged doctors. One of these processes is residency, where a new doctor will train directly in real-world situations often under the auspices of a hospital. It is a necessary process, but it is quite possible to make mistakes during this critical time.

A carpenter in Seattle has won a judgment against a hospital who was negligent in treating a complication that cost him the use of his left hand. The carpenter had fallen 16 feet off of a scaffold and onto concrete. He sustained multiple fractures. During the course of treatment, a resident at the hospital neglected to treat a complication in the hand in time to save it from permanent nerve damage.

However, it wasn’t completely the resident’s fault. The suit alleged that the hospital was requiring residents to work shifts of 24 hours or more while supervising the care of 20-60 patients. To treat the condition that arose, compartment syndrome, treatment must be administered within 4-6 hours to prevent permanent damage. The carpenter’s wife told the staff that her husband was experiencing increased pain, but it wasn’t until 11 hours later that he was rushed surgery to relieve the pressure.

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