Misplaced Catheter Results in Permanent Injury


An Illinois man has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit, claiming that a catheter was misplaced by a medical professional. As a result of the misplacement, the man has suffered severe injury. Named in the suit are Dr. Randolph Freeman, Lindsey Landeck, and Protestant Memorial Medical Center.

The complaint was filed in St. Clair County Circuit Court on October 25. R. La Gene Vassallo says that doctors at Protestant Memorial Medical Center failed to use equipment to assess the placement of a catheter, and that those same doctors failed to determine that the catheter was not placed properly.

As a result of the medical error, Vassallo has suffered permanent injury. His injuries, not limited to those of a vascular nature, have caused pain and suffering, medical expenses and mental anguish. The man is seeking a trial by jury and more than $50,000 in damages and court costs.

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