Medication Errors Contributing to Addiction in Young Patients


shutterstock_404700226-300x200Studies have recently been released on how people get hooked on opioids. The journal titled Pediatrics says that adults aren’t the only people exposed to these dangerous drugs. All ages of children are at risk for exposure and, some of that can be attributed to medication errors.

For children aged 5 and younger, exposure typically resulted from exploring. That is, they found the container belonging to another family member, got it open and swallowed one or more pills. Children aged six to 12 were exposed due to medication errors in the majority of cases. Teenagers used the opioids recreationally.

Medication errors are of particular concern as they cannot often be entirely controlled by caregivers. Adults rely on medical professionals to diagnose and treat their children. A medication error may occur when a doctor prescribes the wrong or unnecessary medication, when the wrong dosage is prescribed, or when the wrong route of administration is instructed.

Parents and caregivers are urged to ask questions when it comes to medications prescribed for their children. Parents should know why the medication is being administered, the dosage and the necessary administration. Parents should also ask about potential side effects. If a parent is concerned about a medication that is prescribed to their child, they have the right to ask if their are alternatives available.

Medication errors should not lead to addiction or abuse. A patient has the right to place their trust in a medical professional, be it doctor or pharmacist. When a mediation error occurs, a patient has a right to compensation for any injuries sustained.

If you or your child has been injured by a medication error in New York, you may be entitled to compensation under current state law. Call our team of medical malpractice attorneys today to schedule your free case evaluation.

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