Mechanic Receives Huge Award in Spinal Cord Suit


A jury in Minnesota has awarded $9.1 million to a former auto mechanic after he suffered spinal cord damage and paralysis in a 2012 surgery. Attorneys for Joseph Lakoskey said that the actions of an anesthesiologist left him dangerously dehydrated before surgery at North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale to repair a perforated bowel, the Star Tribune reported.

Lakoskey, 51, of Minneapolis, went to the hospital with flu-like symptoms and received fluids for dehydration until doctors found his injury and recommended surgery. However, the treatment Lakoskey was receiving for dehydration was stopped while he was prepared for anesthesia an hour before surgery. The cessation of treatment for dehydration caused his blood pressure to drop and his spinal cord to receive an inadequate amount of blood flow which has left him paralyzed from the chest down.

Lakoskey did attempt to keep working after losing use of his legs. However, he ended up selling his Brooklyn Park business. The jury found in favor of the defendant and awarded him $9.1 million.

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