Man Sues Due to Life Threatening Injuries


551167968_1280x720A man in California is suing a Fremont nursing home, claiming that staff ignored his needs and withheld necessary care. According to reports, Mark Sandholdt is claiming that Windsor Country Drive Care Center did not meet his medical needs and continuously harassed him for money he didn’t owe.

The home is being sued for financial abuse, elder abuse, negligence, and negligent hiring and supervising.

Sandford was transferred to the facility after he sustained a fall. The fall resulted in surgery, and Sandford was admitted to the home for rehabilitation and physical therapy. Sandford is a diabetic who also suffers from nerve damage.

Allegedly, the cast on Sandford’s leg was removed in January and replaced with a brace. The staff, according to the suit, strapped the brace on too tightly and Sandford ended up with a pressure ulcer on his leg. A second incident involved a staff member putting a belt on Sandford too tightly during a physical therapy session that resulted in the destruction of his catheter. The lawsuit claims that the facility lied about the incidents in an attempt to cover up misconduct.

The facility wrote a letter to Sandford’s insurance company stating that he was refusing therapy. As a result, Sandford’s insurance coverage was terminated.

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