Man on Crusade in Veterinary Malpractice Case


Humans aren’t the only ones that can be part of a medical malpractice suit. Veterinarians can also be sued for malpractice as well. Here is an example of this that happened in late November.

A pure-bred dog was taken to a vet for dental problems. Seven of the dog’s teeth were pulled without the owner’s permission. Due to this, the dog caught an infection of flesh-eating bacteria that destroyed the left side of his face and left him blind in one eye. It took seven vets to finally get a drug combination that treated the infection. Thankfully the dog survived and is doing well.

However, the owner was left saddled with $32,000 in bills. The owner sued the vet who pulled the dog’s teeth. The doctor referred the man to his insurer and the company denied the claim, saying the vet was not negligent. The suit now goes to court.

It is uncertain if the man will win. He is representing himself and the dog is not a show animal so the value of the animal is quite low despite his pure-bred status. That could limit the amount of money that the man can receive in damages.

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