Lawyer Fights Back Against Frivolous Opinion


Doctor_examines_patientHOUSTON, TX – Medical malpractice lawyers are used to hearing that their claims are frivolous. Lawyers are used to these types of comments, yet they go on fighting for their clients anyway. It’s their job. One attorney in Houston, Texas is fighting back, if only in words.

Kay Van Wey is a 30-year veteran of the law. She has been defending clients who have been injured by medical professionals for most of her career. She says that medical malpractice lawsuits are anything but frivolous. According to Van Wey, no lawyer worth their title would take a medical malpractice suit to court if it wasn’t one that they believed could be won. These types of cases are time consuming and expensive and it would be akin to “shooting yourself in the foot” to file a silly medical malpractice claim.

In Van Wey’s experience, one of the most costly mistakes in medicine is a failure to communicate. This miscommunication may be on the part of medical professionals or on the part of the patient. In either case, the results can have disastrous consequences. She also points out that there is now a cap on medical malpractice winnings, making it even more important to ensure that cases are sound before taking them to court.

Van Wey says that, in fact, fewer cases are being taken to court because the law often sides with medical care providers.

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