Las Vegas Doctor Sees Second Lawsuit This Year


A Las Vegas physician is facing a second lawsuit of medical malpractice this year.

Arlene Muller, a widow, has filed a malpractice suit against urologist Dr. Michael Kaplan in Clark County District Court on July 24th. Muller’s suit comes approximately five months after Connie Mulick filed a malpractice lawsuit against Kaplan. Both women’s husbands died last year after having been treated by Kaplan.

Muller’s lawsuit alleges that Kaplan caused her husband John’s death when he was under the urologist’s care. Muller alleges that Kaplan “failed to evaluate Mr. Muller for an extended period of time during which the patient had blood in his urine” and “failed to perform a biopsy on Mr. Muller’s bladder when the CT scan report indicated the highly probable presence of cancer.”

During the placement of a catheter, Kaplan ruptured John Muller’s bladder. The rupture required emergency surgery two days later.

The suit also alleges that because of the misdiagnosis, the rupture in Muller’s bladder and during the surgical repair of the bladder rupture, the cancer spread into John Muller’s pelvis. Muller’s kidneys later became infected and required further surgery in order to drain the infections. Because Muller did not receive timely diagnosis at the time blood was initially found in his urine, he died as the result of Kaplan’s medical malpractice and negligence.

In 2005, the medical board of Southern Nevada found Kaplan guilty of having failed to use “reasonable care, skill or knowledge” in the treatment of a patient.” The board at that time concluded that Kaplan’s conduct had constituted malpractice and the board issued a public letter of reprimand.

Nearly 255,000 patients die every year because of medical malpractice. When a doctor fails to give a patient that meets what is called a reasonable “standard of care,” those patients and their families end up suffering as a result.

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