Kidney Tumor Removal Results in Lawsuit


download (22)Tulane University Hospital and doctors are being sued by a woman who claiming breaches of the standard of care in her husband’s treatment that contributed to his death.

According to court documents, Courtney Boudreaux Strickland has individually and on behalf of her minor children and her deceased husband filed suit against Dr. Benjamin Lee, Dr. Phillip J. Dorsey, Jr. And the University Healthcare System D/B/A Tulane University Hospital and Clinic in the Orleans Parish First Civil District Court.

The plaintiff alleges that her husband was admitted to Thibodaux Regional Medical Center on September14, 2011 and diagnosed with kidney stones. During his diagnostic workup, he was found to have a right adrenal tumor of 5 cm and was referred to Tulane Medical Center. A right adrenalectomy was performed on October 12, 2011 at the facility and her husband was discharged three days later on October15, 2011. Her husband died later that month on October 20, 2011.

The plaintiff accuses the defendants with failure to accurately diagnose and treat the plaintiff’s Addisonian crisis and that by discharging him they had failed to see that he was seriously ill and required more care. The plaintiff also alleges that the defendants failed to consult with an endocrinologist about the plaintiff’s treatment and order further tests. The plaintiff further claims that the medical facility failed to act upon signs of the plaintiff’s impending renal failure as well as failure to note his abnormal blood pressure and heart rate that were telltale signs of an Addisonian crisis.

An unspecified amount in damages are being sought by the plaintiff for the severe mental and physical pain and suffering experienced by her husband before his death and his right and cause of action to recover for those damages with respect to his spouse and minor children. Additional, damages are being sought by the plaintiff for their minor children’s loss of the love, affection, guidance and economic support and companionship of their father.

When things do go wrong, such as the failure to accurately diagnose and treat an illness or injury, in such a case, it requires the experience and expertise of a medical malpractice attorney to know how to serve the best interests of their clients.

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