Jury Awards $10.9 Million in Stroke Malpractice Case


A jury has awarded a Toledo woman and her husband $10.9 million in their lawsuit against a Maumee OB-GYN practice because of negligence that caused the woman to suffer a stroke.

According to court documents, the plaintiffs, Al and Jennifer Billups brought a malpractice lawsuit against Maumee OB-GYN Associates, part of ProMedica Central Physicians LLC.

The lawsuit alleged that Dr. Dayna Mohammadione, an on-call physican at the practice, negligently responded to her emergency call on March 21, 2012. Billups,’ primary physician was not on call at the time of an incident when the plaintiff was suffering pain. Mrs. Billups alleges that Dr. Mohammadione failed to take a sufficient history and did not send her to the hospital for immediate treatment which resulted in Billups suffering a stroke caused by gestational hypertension.

The stroke caused the Billups’ son to be born prematurely and was delivered via Caesarean section. The child did survive early delivery. The stroke that Mrs. Billups suffered, however, resulted in the loss of use of her right hand and arm and most of her ability to walk to due paralysis In her right leg. Mrs. Billups has also permanently lost cognitive and communicative function after suffering from her stroke.

On Thursday, the jury returned a unanimous verdict against all three defendants in one the largest awards to a single plaintiff.

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