Indiana Man Wakes Up with No Teeth


Dental_Chair_UMSODImagine going to the dentist to have a tooth or two pulled only to wake up with no teeth at all. That is exactly what happened in March to Donny Grisby, a man from Indiana.

According to Grisby, he went to White River Dental with the expectation of having four wisdom teeth removed. Grisby was taken into the treatment area and his wife sat in the waiting room. After several hours had passed, his wife began asking questions.

It was then that his wife was told that all of Grisby’s teeth had been removed. She was told that the doctors were afraid that the infection from one abscessed tooth had spread, so they took all of his teeth. When she saw her husband, he was droopy eyed and unresponsive.

Grisby was taken to a local hospital by ambulance. It was in that ambulance that he coded not once, but twice.

Grisby does not remember the incident very well. What he does remember is waking up without clothes on and being frightened. He remains unclear as to why all of his teeth were pulled.

Grisby and his wife are planning on hiring an attorney to file a medical malpractice suit.

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