Husband Wins Wrongful Death Suit


Operating_room_anesthetic_stationIn Montgomery County, Ohio, a jury awarded $6 million to a man after he filed suit against Good Samaritan Hospital and Dr. Cheryl Gill.

According to the lawsuit, the man’s wife passed away due to a gestational hypertension stroke. Dr. Gill failed to diagnose pre-eclampsia and eclampsia while the woman was pregnant. She died in 2009 after an emergency Cesarean section. The attorney’s for the man said that Dr. Gill was not qualified to handle pregancies involving complications.

The lawsuit further stated that the woman had been discharged from the hospital while she was exhibiting symptoms. Her release was approved even though her symptoms were worsening. The woman was brought back to the hospital and was not visited by Dr. Gill.

The jury found that Dr. Gill and Good Samaritan Hospital were liable in the woman’s death and awarded her husband the multi-million dollar verdict.

Cases such as this should not happen. No woman should fear entering the hospital to give birth and not be treated properly. Unforeseen complications happen, but a failure to diagnose that leads to injury or death is grounds for compensation.

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