Five Things to Consider Before Filing Suit


Supreme_court_preview_2007The health of our families is sacred. Most of us would do anything we could to protect the health and well being of our loved ones. When a medical professional is negligent in their duties, causing injury to ourselves or the people we love, we want to seek compensation. For many, a court case is the answer. For some, a court case is a losing battle. Here are five things to consider before you decide to file suit.

1. Cost

Take a case to court is expensive, especially when you consider that there is no guarantee that you will win. The court is a disinterested third party. They do not care about your family the way that you do, and they will impartially consider only the facts.

2. Strength of Evidence

The courts do not care about your feelings. They only care about evidence. You must consider the strength of the evidence you have before you file suit. Make sure that you have ample proof from a second or even third medical professional that you or your loved one were indeed a victim of error or negligence.

3. Who to Sue

In many cases, who you will sue is not cut and dry. In many instances, people sue a hospital and are not successful because the medical professional should have been sued personally. You must determine who is ultimately to blame for your injuries.

4. Emotional Preparation

Letting things go is not always bad advice, but it is not always the best advice either. You have to consider how emotionally prepared you are for a court battle. A court case that is drawn out can be physically and mentally exhausting.

5. When to Sue

If you do file suit, you must do so within the statute of limitations. In many cases, you have fewer than four years to file suit for medical malpractice.

If you believe that you deserve compensation for injuries you incurred at the hands of a medical professional, call our office. We will review the details of your case and advise you if you have the potential to be successful. We will also advise you of your options. Call now for assistance.

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