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hqdefaultExpecting a baby is one of the most exciting times a couple can experience. The world becomes full of hope and promise. A newborn is a definite lifestyle change, but it is a change that many welcome with open arms. Unfortunately for some, what was months of excited anticipation becomes years of stress and anxiety. Birth injuries are all too common given today’s modern medical environment.

Newborns are particularly vulnerable to injury and, at the hands of negligent medical staff, can suffer a variety of maladies during and immediately after the birthing process. Both the newborn and its mother are in the hands of medical professionals. In many cases, the birth is without incident. In some, the birth results in injuries that impact the lives of the the newborn and the entire family for years.

A variety of things can happen during labor that can turn a relatively routine situation into a complicated one. Typically, one of two things happen that cause birth injury. The first is that the doctor does not respond properly to a situation. The second is that there are complications that arise from prescription drug use.

For example, a doctor may not realize that a baby is in distress. They may not realize that the mother has a preexisting medical condition. In either of these cases, the wrong steps can be taken for the situation, resulting in harm to the newborn or the mother. In other instances, the mother is prescribed medication that affects the way the baby develops in the womb. In either case, the doctor and/or hospital can be held medically liable.

When a baby is born, it can be difficult to gauge whether there is a birth injury or a birth defect. A careful examination of the situation must take place. Parents of a child with a named birth defect or injury should consult with an attorney immediately. An experienced attorney can gather all of the information that will be necessary to prove a medical malpractice case.

If you or your newborn was injured during the birthing process, call our offices immediately. We will conduct a careful review of your case and advise you how to proceed. Your first consultation is free. Call now.

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