How to Feel Comfortable Asking for a Second Opinion


Doctor_advises_patientIt is not unusual for people to feel uncomfortable when considering asking for a second opinion. People don’t want to seem rude or pushy, and they don’t want their doctor to think that they are untrusting. There are times that absolutely call for a second opinion. Here is more information so that you can feel more comfortable if you feel the need to ask for one.

1. When to Ask

If you have a serious or life-threatening disease, medical professionals suggest asking for a second opinion. This is especially true if the potential treatment is risky, the diagnosis is not clear, you are considering participating in a drug trial, or you are interested in an experimental procedure.

2. Should You Tell Your Doctor?

You should absolutely tell your doctor if you are interested in seeking a second opinion. You will need your medical records, and you want both doctors to be able to speak with one another. It can be difficult for these things to happen if you neglect to tell your doctor you will be seeking the advice of another medical professional.

3. Recommendation

You can ask your doctor for a suggestion when it comes to another medical professional, but you want to be sure you are seeing a doctor affiliated with a different provider. Doctors who work for one provider tend to conform to the same ideas and practices. Visiting another provider will help to ensure that you are getting a true second opinion.

4. Know Your Plan

Each insurance plan handles second opinions differently. Many plans require that you see in-network professionals for optimal coverage. Seeking an opinion outside of your network may be permitted, but it also may be more expensive.

5. No Confrontation

Most people are worried about a confrontation with their doctor if they bring up the possibility of a second opinion. You should not feel this way. Most medical professionals will welcome the fact that you want to advocate for your own health, and many may even suggest that you seek another opinion. Be polite and courteous when broaching the topic and you shouldn’t run into any roadblocks.

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