Ex-Surgeon Out of Prison but Facing Hundreds of Civil Suits


Spyros Panos was sentenced to prison just under three years ago. Originally sentenced to four-and-a-half years, the ex-surgeon spent just over two years of that behind bars in a federal cell. He may be out and enjoying freedom, but he is now facing over 200 civil lawsuits.

The surgeon was originally charged with conducting surgeries that were unnecessary and making errors in the surgeries he performed. He pled guilty to healthcare fraud and began serving his time in April 2014. He was also sentenced to two years supervised release and ordered to pay restitution to his victims and the government.

Some of the patients Panos victimized aren’t able to get on with their lives like Panos can. In fact, some 240 to 260 patients have filed suit against the ex-surgeon in civil court. Because of the large number of cases and the broad scope of the complaints, a committee has been formed and is working on reaching a mass settlement.

One civil case has already been filed and heard. In that case, which made it to the state Supreme Court, Panos was found not liable for the death of an elderly man. Panos had been accused by the man’s widow of not treating an infection in the man’s knee. A jury in that case found that Panos did not deviate from the accepted standard of care.

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