Death in Gallbladder Surgery Leads to Suit


A lawsuit has been initiated by a woman against Roseland Community Hospital after her sister’s death following gallbladder surgery.

According to court documents, Mary Baylock, administrator of the estate of the late Renina Baylock, is alleging medical malpractice and wrongful death against the hospital. The lawsuit was filed earlier this month on September 4th in Cook County Circuit Court’s Law Division. Baylock is alleging four counts of medical malpractice against Roseland Community Hospital and Dr. Dr. Pascual Sales.

The claim states that Renina Baylock was admitted as an inpatient to Roseland Community Hospital on March 4, 2014, to undergo a laparoscopic cholecystectomy to remove her gallbladder. The surgery was performed by Dr. Sales.

Renina Baylock’s duodenum was perforated during the procedure. Because of the perforation, Baylock suffered an acute and prolonged physical and mental pain and suffering. The surgical injury she suffered ultimately resulted in her death on March 8, 2014. Renina’s condition also caused the plaintiff, her sister Mary, to incur considerable medical expenses and lost wages from time off the job.

The plaintiff is seeing damages and compensation over $50,000.

It is an unfortunate statistic that an estimated 255,000 patients die each year as the result of medical malpractice or medical negligence. This figure is supported by the National Institute of Health. Such cases can happen whenever a medical caregiver, whether a doctor or other healthcare professional, fails to provide a service that meets the “standard of care.” Such negligence and failure to adhere to medical standards can result in patients and their families having to suffer needlessly.

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