“Dead in Bed” Results in Rise in Medical Malpractice Cases


shutterstock_538938733-300x200Research has recently been released that has shown an increase in medical malpractice, but not for a reason that people may immediately consider. The alarming increase is related to hospital patients making it through surgery only to be found “dead in bed.”

According to a news channel in Cleveland, Ohio, there is a phenomenon occurring in which patients have successful surgeries and are sent to recover in their rooms. They are placed on low-risk floors, only to be found dead within hours following their procedures.

It is believed that opioid painkillers are playing a role. These drugs suppress the respiratory system and deprive the brain of oxygen. It is estimated that about 50,000 patients may have been impacted by this discovery over the last 10 years. Many of these patients have been found dead or with serious brain injury.

The news channel’s investigation found that technology is available to reduce these deaths. The continuous monitoring of oxygen levels by electronic means can alert medical staff to patient’s whose levels have dropped to a dangerous level.

In Ohio, Akron City Hospital is facing a case of medical malpractice. A patient made it through surgery and ended up with a serious brain injury. Ultimately, the patient was removed from life support. Attorneys for the family say that this is a major problem facing hospitals across the country.

Summa would not comment on the lawsuit, but did say that they do not perform electronic monitoring for all patients as a matter of routine when those patients are on the general floor.

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