Circumcision Gone Wrong


A man has filed a malpractice lawsuit claiming that he had been injured as a result of negligent care and treatment before and after circumcision.

The lawsuit was filed by Corban M. Denny and his wife Deanna Denny on September 11th in Raleigh Circuit Court naming Dr. Ashokkumar V. Bhalodi and Appalachian Regional Healthcare Inc. as plaintiffs, citing medical malpractice.

Court documents state that in April of 2013, Corban Denny sought medical attention at the New River Clinic in Fayetteville with complaints that his foreskin had been red, swollen and itching for more than a week. Denny’s initial diagnosis was balanoposthitis. He was prescribed medication. Once the treatment was completed, Dr. Bhalodi diagnosed Corban Denny with recurrent balanoposthitis and phimosis.

Following the diagnosis of Denny’s condition, Bhalodi performed a circumcision in June 2013. The plaintiff claims that he developed an infection in his penis following the circumcision procedure because of insufficient treatment before, during, and after his operation. The plaintiff claims he has suffered bodily injury, physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, and a diminished ability to enjoy a quality of life.

The plaintiffs in the case are seeking an unspecified amount.

When a doctor, medical resident, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, therapist, or other medical caregiver fails to provide a service that meets the “standard of care,” patients and their families suffer needlessly. Having a “standard of care” is what every provider should do under the circumstances in order to insure the well-being of the patient.

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