Chicago Doctor Used Homemade Vaccines


Fluzone_vaccine_extractingA doctor in Chicago has been found guilty of medical malpractice after authorities discovered that he had been using homemade vaccines for children with allergies for more than 10 years.

Dr. Ming Te Lin was found guilty of administering unapproved vaccines to children as young as seven days old. The oral vaccines were made with cat saliva and vodka. Reports also show that the doctor gave unapproved versions of childhood shots to his patients.

Once authorities received reports from other health care providers, investigators visited Lin’s practice. They found his office to be unsterile and cluttered. They also found the materials the doctor used to make his own vaccines.

The doctor also stands accused of failing to advise his patients of the risks associated with the vaccines he administered. He did, however, sign a statement declaring that he had also provided traditional vaccines to his patients.

Lin will have to answer for his actions in court. While he is facing one medical malpractice case, he may soon be facing another. Lin is accused of using a device to detoxify mercury from allergy vaccinations that many experts believe is based on pseudoscience only.

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