Celebrity Medical Malpractice Cases


Medical error and negligence does not only occur among the average citizen. The famous are not immune to the risks of improper medical care. When it comes to celebrities and medical malpractice, there may be some that immediately pop into your mind…Michael Jackson, for instance…and some that you haven’t heard of. Here are some of the highest reported instances of famous people and medical negligence.

1. Julie Andrews

The actress, perhaps most famous for her role in ‘Mary Poppins,’ underwent surgery to remove cancerous nodules from her throat. She claimed that her vocal chords were damaged during the surgery and ended up settling with her doctor for an undisclosed amount.

2. Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan underwent back and spinal surgery for a condition he suffered with. He ultimately sued several doctors and the spinal care facility, claiming that his procedures were unnecessary. Hogan also says that his surgeries left him unable to wrestle and did nothing more than relieve some of his pain.

3.  Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was involved in a car crash in 2009. After the accident, he went to the hospital and eventually accused a former nurse of the hospital of accessing his medical records without permission.

4. John Ritter

Famous for his rile as ‘Jack’ on ‘Three’s Company,’ died in 2003. It is accepted that the cause of his death is ultimately the failure of medical professionals at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center to diagnose aortic dissection.

5. Dana Carvey

The comedian and actor had heart surgery in 1997. Two months later, Carvey was informed that his surgeon had bypassed the incorrect artery. Carvey sued for medical malpractice and was awarded $7.5 million which he donated to charity.

These cases just go to show that any person is at risk of medical mistake. The famous, despite having the money to pay for the best medical care, are not immune to the negligence or error of medical professionals.

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