British Man Receives Vasectomy He Did Not Want


hqdefaultA doctor in England may soon be paying for a very serious mistake. Dr. Nanikram Vaswani, employed by Broadgreen Hospital in Liverpool, performed a vasectomy on the wrong patient. He now faces the loss of his license as his “patient” deals with physical and emotional trauma.

The patient’s name has not been released due to privacy concerns. It is known, however, that the man was booked to have scar tissue removed. The surgery, scheduled in February 2014, was performed supposedly without incident. That was until the mix-up was realized. Instead of having scar tissue removed, the man lost his ability to procreate.

According to the lawsuit, neither the doctor nor a nurse realized that the wrong patient was on the table. Vaswani did not realize he had made a mistake until the surgery was over and it was too late to correct his error. Apparently, there was a backlog of patients on that fateful day, and the patient paid the price.

Medical professionals say that a vasectomy can be reversed but Vaswani chose not to do so. It had been several years since he had performed the procedure and determined it was not safe for him to do so. It is thought that even if Vaswani had chosen to offer the procedure, the patient would not have been in the frame of mind to give informed consent.

Vaswani now faces the loss of his right to practice medicine ever again.

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