Botched Tonsillectomy May Result in Lawsuit


The Detroit Medical Center will soon be facing a lawsuit over a botched tonsillectomy. According to reports, the common surgery caused the death of a 9-year old child, and the family of the girl is accusing the hospital of discharging their son too soon.

Sonia Gambrell, the mother of Anyialah Greer, is seeking to sue the hospital that also owns Children’s Hospital of Michigan. The child, Gambrell claims, died at home just hours after being discharged from the hospital. Greer was taken to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan on December 8. The child was scheduled to undergo one of the most common surgeries for children in the United States.

According to statistics, approximately one in 15,000 patients die as a result of this surgery. The death may be due to anesthesia complications or bleeding, among other issues. Despite these numbers, Gambrell believes that doctors could have done more for her daughter. The official cause of death for the child is cardiac arrest. Gambrell says that her daughter complained of feeling unwell after she was released from the hospital.

Because an autopsy report has not been released and a full investigation has not been completed, it is difficult to say who will be sued and for what. For now, the assumption is that the hospital itself will be named along with the surgeon who completed the operation.

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