Back Pain Procedure Leads to $1.2M Award


images (4)A woman has been awarded $1.2 million after being injured at an Edwardsville surgery center. Also named in the malpractice suit is Granite City Illinois Hospital Co., which operates the surgery center.

Connie Duft of Maryville, along with her husband, Ronald Duft, allege that Connie Duft became disabled after a back pain procedure was performed by Dr. Gregory Randle at the at the Edwardsville Ambulatory Surgery Center.

The lawsuit alleges that during the procedure that was performed on January 22, 2013, Dr. Randle injected a medication into Duft’s spinal cord instead of the space just within the vertebrae as it should have been.

Documents filed with the court state, “The injection caused atrial fibrillation, weakness and paralysis on her right side, and extreme pain,” according to a summary of the case.

During a deposition that was heard by the jury, Dr. Randle said that the patient moved and he terminated the procedure.

Also heard by the jury in a recorded deposition was that of the nurse, Lynn Broeckling, who testified that Duft sat up just before the procedure was completed. Duft appeared nervous and suffering from restless leg syndrome, Broeckling said. “As he was finishing up the injection, she came up,” the nurse testified.

Broeckling also said in the deposition that she gave Duft a sedative just before the procedure began.

The case was settled just before Connie Duft was scheduled to take the stand in the case.

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