Arkansas Jury Awards $45.6 Million for Toddler


Over two weeks, a jury heard the case of a toddler who had been injured by a family doctor in Arkansas. After listening to the case, the jury came back with a $45.6 million verdict in favor of the family.

According to reports, doctors failed to manage and treat jaundice in the newborn child in June 2014. Because of the lack of care, the baby developed kernicterus in the her brain. The untreated case of jaundice caused the child both permanent disability and brain damage that cannot be remedied. The child will not walk on her own, is not talking, cannot feed herself, and is not expected to be able to care for herself as she ages. Despite her physical impairments, the child’s cognitive function is normal.

The child’s parents alleged that the doctors at the hospital ignored the generally accepted standard of care when managing their newborn. Doctors did nothing following a high bilirubin reading during the child’s first day of life. They did no repeat blood testing and administered no treatment prior to the child being discharged. Once the infant was home, her bilirubin levels spiked so high that she was left with permanent brain damage.

The jury ultimately found that the doctors and hospital were negligent in following national guidelines as they pertain to newborn care. The child will likely require around-the-clock care for the rest of her life.

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