A Case of Malpractice in Asia


download (67)Medical malpractice is something that can happen anywhere in the world, as shown in today’s case. No matter where a patient and their family lives, there is a reasonable expectation toward a standard of care. When those standards are not met, medical malpractice can occur.

In Pakistan, an enquiry report issued on Monday recommended legal action against a house officer and a nurse who are being held responsible for the death of a girl at Ayub Medical Complex (AMC).

Bisma Bibi, 12, died at AMC in December 2015 and her mother, Ishrat Bibi of Neelor in Mansehra is holding the doctors and nursing staff at the hospital responsible for her death. She has demanded that the case be registered as a murder.

Official sources at the hospital surgical ward that is in charge, Dr. Khalid Khan conducted an enquiry and found house officer Dr. Wadood and nurse Shamsa were responsible for Bisma Bibi’s death. Dr. Khan his recommended both disciplinary and legal actions against the culprits who administered an antibiotic injection intramuscularly instead of intravenously. The injection it was determined was what killed Bisma Bibi.

Bibi’s mother filed a complaint with police claiming that her daughter, Bisma, had been complaining of abdominal pain on December 23rd, 2015. The child was taken to King Abdullah Teaching Hospital where doctors diagnosed Bisma with appendicitis and advised surgery be performed at Ayub Medical Complex in Abbottabad.

Ishrat Bibi said on December 24, 2015 doctors at AMC confirmed Bisma Bibi needed an appendectomy and sent her to surgical ward for pre-surgery. The doctor in charge asked a nurse to administer medicine to Bisma who was scheduled for surgery in the next few hours.

Bibi alleges that her daughter’s condition deteriorated and she lost consciousness immediately after the administration of medications by the nurse. Bisma was taken to the ICU and was put on a ventilator. Bisma died the following day.

Ishrat Bibi said. “I did not know taking her to AMC for treatment would cost my child’s life.”

No parent should ever have to face the loss of a child when taking them to a doctor or hospital for treatment. Everyone expects their doctor and healthcare provider will know what to do in order to treat an illness of injury and that they will be given a certain level of care for their condition.

Sometimes, however, things can go wrong, and doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals can give an incorrect assessment and diagnosis, or as in Bisma Bibi’s case, administer the wrong medication or the right medication incorrectly and make the situation worse. Sadly, such mistakes can end tragically as this one has. In such a case, that’s the time you want an attorney who specializes in malpractice or medical negligence law.

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