$9 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement


https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d1/US_Navy_081028-N-3173B-027_Cmdr._John_King_assesses_the_reflexes_of_a_Cerebral_Palsy_patient_at_the_Arima_District_Health_Facility_as_part_of_the_humanitarian-civic_assistance_mission_Continuing_Promise_(CP)_2008.jpgTripler Army Medical Center has been ordered to pay $9 million to a family as the result of its settlement of a medical malpractice suit. Rather than take the case to court and attempt to defend itself, the medical center has agreed to settle with the family affected by its mistake.

According to the suit filed, a woman was transported to the hospital in September of 2010. Her medical history was known to the staff as was her increased risk of uterine rupture. Despite knowing her history, a first-year doctor failed to summon help when the woman’s uterus ruptured.

As a result of the rupture, oxygen was cut off to the unborn child, leaving him with cerebral palsy and brain damage. The child is permanently disabled and will require constant medical assistance for the remainder of his life.

The attorneys for the family say that a large portion of the settlement has been used to buy an annuity that will pay into the child’s trust. This is an attempt to ensure that the boy will be cared for properly for as long as he lives, no matter how many years that is.


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