$4 Million Awarded to Family After Fall


NIMH_Clinical_CenterA jury recently awarded a $4 million verdict to a woman from Troy, Texas. The woman had filed suit against Noland Hospital after her father suffered a fall and died while in the care of the medical facility.

According to reports, Thomas Doster, 77, was in the care of Noland Hospital’s long-term care facility. He was found on the floor of his room in September 2007. Doster was deceased when he was located. Reviews of Doster’s medical records showed that the patient was supposed to be in restraints because he was deemed a high risk for falls.

Because Doster was not in restraints and fell as a result of not being secured properly, his daughter, Karren Hughes, filed a medical malpractice suit, alleging that the facility had breached their standard of care.

In their defense, attorneys for the hospital argued over the meaning of the word “fall,” stating that it has a different definition in medical context. They said that Doster’s death was a coincidence and that he never actually fell. This stance infuriated the jury that ultimately found in favor of the plaintiff and awarded her $4 million in damages.

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