$4.2 Million Settlement Reached in Hawaii


Pos_strepA man went to an emergency room in Hawaii and never walked out. His widow has just reached a $4.2 million settlement with the hospital that had been responsible for his care.

According to court reports, Antonio Marrero went to Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center’s emergency room complaining of a sore throat. Doctors determined that Marrero was suffering with an abscess on his tonsils and sedated him to evaluate his condition further. The sedation was not performed by an anesthesiologist and Marrero was given too much sedative.

As a result of the over-dosing, Marrero’s airway narrowed and he was unable to breathe. The lack of oxygen caused the man to pass out and eventually die. After the settlement, the hospital made a statement that said, in part, “Any adverse medical event is taken very seriously and we use that to analyze our system in a way of doing things and to therefore afterwards educate both providers and staff as to what happened and what should not happen to prevent any recurrence.”

Rachel Marrero, the patient’s widow, has said that she hopes the lawsuit has forced the hospital to make improvements to ensure that other families do not have to deal with the same type of tragedy.

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