Roadway Failures

Every day, thousands of car, bus, truck and motorcycle drivers travel on roadways throughout New York State. When some or all of a roadway fails or collapses, commuters can be injured.

Roadway failures can be due to:

  • poor design;
  • negligent construction;
  • improper materials;
  • lack of maintenance;
  • lack of inspection;
  • wear and tear;
  • weather;
  • flooding; and
  • old age.

In addition to physical failures, a roadway may also be unsafe or defective because of:

  • potholes;
  • asphalt and concrete defects;
  • trees and debris on the roadway;
  • pavement edge drop-offs;
  • site distance obstructions;
  • lack of warning signs;
  • lack of signals;
  • malfunctioning signals.

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