Landslides can happen at any time, and can cause severe personal injuries when they occur around homes and roadways, leading to tumbling dirt, rock and other debris coming into contact with people and blocking travel on highways and bridges. As many as 50 people a year are killed in landslide-related accidents.

While landslides can occur due to weather and natural instability in the earth, such as after a heavy rainstorm, they can also occur because of negligence and engineering malpractice.

For example, a landslide may occur because

  • the slope next to a road cut through a hill was not designed or terraced properly, permitting water to carry dirt and debris onto a road;
  • a retaining wall built to hold back a hill was not constructed or drained properly, permitting earth and trees to fall onto a home; or
  • a rock wall was not secured properly after blasting to prevent rock shearing.

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