Crane Collapse

There are more than 100,000 mobile cranes, tower cranes, floating/barge cranes and overhead cranes operating in the United States at any given time.  According to the most recent United States Department of Labor statistics, approximately 70 crane-related fatalities occur each year.  More than 90% of crane accidents that result in permanent disability and/or wrongful death affect construction workers.  Innocent bystanders are involved in less than 10% of crane accidents.

Most of the time, crane injuries and fatalities stem from a partial or complete collapse of a crane tower, loss of a section of crane, or when an entire crane falls over.  Other common crane-related injuries and deaths involve:
  • crane contact with overhead power lines;
  • people struck by a crane load; and
  • people struck by crane booms or jibs.
In the case of crane-related electrocutions, approximately 50% involve power lines knocked-down by a crane boom, 25% involve crane operators, and 15% involve a worker touching an electrified crane.  In the case of falling crane loads, approximately 30% of injuries involve workers loading/unloading a crane, 30% involve workers not involved in crane-related activities, and 15% involve workers directing a crane.  Nealy 60% of crane boom injuries occur when a boom is being dismantled.

According to regulators:
  • crane operators should be appropriately certified;
  • crane riggers and signal-persons should be appropriately trained;
  • crane inspectors should be appropriately qualified;
  • cranes should be inspected before and after assembly; and
  • crane loads should not pass over street traffic.
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