Construction Equipment Accidents

Construction machinery is almost always present at construction sites and other jobsites.  As construction equipment is part of most major construction, machinery accidents are also very common.  At least one forklift accident occurs every day, resulting in 100 deaths (one forklift-related death every three days) and 20,000 injuries each year.

Crowded construction sites and tight deadlines require workers to place their head, torso, arms, legs, hands and feet within inches of dangerous equipment and moving parts.  Construction machinery can be very dangerous for those who must share space with the equipment, and the close proximity of worker and machinery can result in: 

  • forklift accidents;
  • backhoe accidents;
  • crane accidents;
  • bulldozer accidents;
  • skid steer accidents; and
  • front-end loader accidents.

Manufacturers of construction equipment and the people who sell, rent and operate the equipment have a duty to make sure that the machinery is safe and that the people who run the equipment are properly trained.  Old and poorly maintained construction equipment can be dangerous, and can lead to serious injury and even death. 

New York State has special laws, known as “Labor Laws” that protect construction workers from injury or, if injured, that permit construction workers to recover from some or all of the people or companies that caused or contributed to their injury.  The specific provisions of the New York State Labor Law are: 

  • Section 200;
  • Section 240; and
  • Section 241(6).

Section 200 is a general provision that requires jobsite owners and contractors, and their agents, to provide a safe workplace for construction workers and lawful visitors, and imposes liability for injuries sustained at an unsafe workplace.  Section 240 is a specific provision concerning precautions that must be taken to prevent construction site falls, or falls from a height, and liability for fall-related injuries.  Section 241(6) is a specific provision concerning steps that must be taken to ensure compliance with the New York State Industrial Code, and liability for violations of the New York State Industrial Code.

The trial lawyers at Bottar Law, PLLC, have decades of experience investigating, prosecuting and trying to verdict cases involving construction equipment accidents.  If you or a loved have been injured by construction machinery, you and your family may be entitled to compensation for lifelong health care, medical expenses, medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering. 

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