Plane and Aircraft Accidents

The odds of being on an airplane involved in a crash with a fatality is very rare – roughly 1 in 8,500,000.  However, when plane and aircraft accidents occur, many people are at risk for injury because of the size of most commercial planes and jetliners, and the fact that plane accidents usually involve high-speed collisions with the ground. 

Plane, commercial jet, private jet, propeller plane and glider accidents can occur for many reasons, including: 

  • Old equipment;
  • Defective design or manufacture;
  • Fueling error;
  • Violation of FAA regulations;
  • Faulty equipment;
  • Air traffic control error;
  • Negligent maintenance;
  • Lack of safety mechanisms;
  • Pilot error;
  • Weather; and
  • Sabotage.

On average, accidents occur as follows: 

  • Taxing (5%);
  • Take off (12%);
  • Initial climb (5%);
  • Climb (8%);
  • Cruise (6%);
  • Descent (3%):
  • Initial approach (7%);
  • Final approach (6%); and
  • Landing (45%).

In the event of a severe personal injury, the injured individual and/or a spouse and immediate family members, may be entitled to recover for:

  • Wrongful death;
  • Past and future medical bills;
  • Past and future lost wages;
  • Loss of future earning capacity;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Mental and emotional disability;
  • Disfigurement and scarring;
  • Loss of enjoyment of life;
  • Loss of society, love and affection;
  • Property loss; and
  • Incidental and out-of-pocket expenses.

While no dollar amount can adequately compensate for a loss, the legal system is structured to permit monetary recovery where the injured party can prove that another negligently caused his/her harm. The amount of recovery is determined either by a jury at trial, or through a fair settlement made prior to trial, that is based upon jury verdicts in similar cases. All claims that are accepted by the firm are actively researched and aggressively pursued to a conclusion.

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