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Questions to Ask After an ADHD Diagnosis

ADHD medications are, in some people’s opinion, too freely prescribed to children today. Knowing that the disorder is commonly misdiagnosed should set off alarm bells in your head if your pediatrician mentions ADHD in conjunction with your child. Do not accept the diagnosis at face value. Here are several questions to ask your doctor whether they have diagnosed your child or are strongly considering the diagnosis of ADHD.

1. Could it be something else?

Ask your doctor how they have come to the diagnosis of ADHD. Question whether or not your child’s symptoms could point to a different diagnosis, and find out how other disorders or illnesses have been ruled out.

2. Is it necessary to put my child on medication?

It may not be. Talk to your doctor frankly about your child taking daily medication. Ask if there are other alternatives, including behavioral therapies, that may help your child.

3. How do the prescriptions work?

If the doctor insists that your child needs medication, make sure you know what to expect. How will the medication work? Ask about side effects and potential interactions. Will the medication last throughout the day or will your child have to take multiple doses?

4. Will my child outgrow ADHD?

Ask your doctor if your child’s symptoms will lesson over time. Will your child outgrow ADHD? Will your child be on medication for the rest of their life? These are things you can ask and later explain to your child.

5. Where can I learn more about ADHD?

If this is your first time having a child diagnosed with ADHD, you may want to find support groups. You can find information all over the Internet, but it may not be accurate. Ask your doctor for website information, book titles and reputable support groups. Getting the facts can help you come to terms with the diagnosis.

If your child was misdiagnosed with ADHD due to a medical professional’s error or negligence, call our office. We will listen to the details of your case for free, and we will advise you of the options you have. Call now or browse our website for more information about our firm and how we can assist you and your family.

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