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Pennsylvania Nurse Drunk During Surgery

It is quite reasonable to expect that the team performing your surgery will be doing so while sober. Unfortunately for one patient, a nurse at a veteran’s hospital assisted in surgery after consuming four to five beers. Aside from being charged with driving under the influence and public drunkenness, the male nurse is also being charged with recklessly endangering another person. Here is what happened:

On February 4, Richard Pieri entered the hospital and found it difficult to log onto the computer system. He entered incorrect operation time stamps into the system after finally being able to log in. He then chose to assist in a surgical procedure, monitoring the patient’s vital signs and helping to prepare the patient for surgery.

According to police reports, the nurse went to the Mohegan Sun Pocono Casino for a bit of leisure time. It was there that he played slots and consumed alcohol. He left the casino and headed home to sleep it off. Just over five hours after he arrived at the casino, he was called in for surgery. Pieri told police that he had forgotten that he was on call that evening.

It is unclear who made the call to police but, when questioned whether he knew why he was being talked to, Pieri said, “I guess it has something to do with me being drunk on call.”

Pieri has since been removed from patient care duties at the hospital and, depending on the outcome of the investigation, may face other disciplinary action by his employer. Pieri will appear at a preliminary hearing on March 29.

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